Single Source Raw Local Honey – 8 oz


Our bees visited approximately a million flowers to produce this 8 oz jar of honey, pollinating back yard gardens, parks, and wild spaces along the way.  The bees covered an estimated 27,500 miles as well – more than enough to circle the globe, although these bees likely never got more than a three miles from the Lake Harriet Perennial garden.  At Troop 110 we’re proud to help our honey bees pollinate local flowers, but we also love other pollinators, and one of our scouts built Mason Bee nesting boxes for his Eagle Scout Service project, putting them up in local parks!

Bottled in a classic glass queenline jar, this gourmet honey will be great in tea, on toast, or added to all kinds of homemade sauces and salad dressings.

You will love the delicate floral notes in our single source, raw honey.  Unlike large scale production, this delicacy is made in small batches that preserves the distinct wildflower flavor.  We intentionally keep the honey raw – preserving the beneficial enzymes and macro nutrients.

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