Honey Sampler – 2 oz. with Candle


Our bees visited approximately 250,000 flowers to produce this sampler-size 2 oz jar of honey, pollinating back yard gardens, parks, and wild spaces along the way.  These bees get all their energy from the plants they visit, collecting pollen for protein and nectar for carbohydrates.

The bees are now cozy in their hives for the winter, eating honey to stay warm, but Boy Scouts of Troop 110 will be out and active all winter.  In fact, we’re getting ready for a trip to the Boundary Waters Canoe Area in January, where we’ll build snow caves to sleep in and do a bunch of snow shoeing, skiing, and maybe get to see the northern lights.

You will love the delicate floral notes in our 2017 single source, raw honey.  Unlike large scale production, this delicacy is made in small batches that preserves the distinct wildflower flavor.  We intentionally keep the honey raw – preserving the beneficial enzymes and macro nutrients.  We also include a great votive candle made by our boys using 100 percent pure wax.  Little trivia point:  It takes six pounds of honey to make one pound of wax!

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